Skin is a dynamic organ that is in a constant state of change. The body’s largest organ, skin is responsible for immune function, temperature regulation, sensation and vitamin production.

A wound is any damage or break in the skin’s surface. Wounds can form as a result of accidents and injuries, surgeries or disease.

The type of dressing used to treat a wound depends on the nature and location of the wound. The choice of dressing can also change with time as the wound changes.

At The Wesley Pharmacy, we understand the complexities of wound care and stock a wide range of products that meet the needs of various wound structures. Our qualified team can ensure you find the right product for your needs.

Wesley Pharmacy wound care products include:

  • Inert dressings—low adherent dressing pads
  • Interactive dressings—foam dressings, hydrogels, hydrocolloids and alginates
  • Bioactive dressings—hydrocolloids and alginates
  • Anti-infective dressings—iodine and silver dressings

We can also assist with applications of funding for Department of Veteran Affairs eligible customers.