We have experience in compounding a large range of products and can work with your Doctor to develop a product customised for your individual needs.

We are able to tailor make creams, ointments, solutions, suspensions, capsules, pessaries, ear drops, eye drops, troches, suppositories, injectables and infusions using the highest quality ingredients and validated processes.

Sterile Compounding

Our custom-designed sterile facility is pressure, temperature and humidity controlled, and equipped with GMP standard A Grade laminar flow hoods to ensure quality and safety are of the highest standard.

We follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles set out in the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme (PIC/s) and fully comply with ISO 14644, AS 1807 and other relevant standards.

Our certified trained specialist pharmacists and technicians are continuously monitored to ensure that they maintain appropriate techniques during all compounding operations.

All pharmacopoeial grade ingredients are sourced from reputable TGA registered suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of the products being manufactured.

Oncology Compounding

As the first Australian owned TGA-licensed chemotherapy compounding facility that delivers to both public and private healthcare facilities, we have the experience required to provide high quality and safe products nationally. Our dedicated quality assurance team implements rigorous checks throughout the production and dispatch process to ensure sterility, appropriate storage and timely delivery of your oncology products when needed anywhere across Australia.

Our ongoing commitment to innovation in oncology care enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of TGA licenced compounding services for your facility.