Palliative care is holistic care designed to improve the quality of life of people living with a life-limiting illness. Palliative care aims to optimise quality of life and provide comfort to people, their carers and families.

Our specialist pharmacists are here to help you access and understand the often-complex medical regimes that provide comfort during a person’s palliative care journey. We can work closely with your Doctor and Palliative Care Team to ensure that your medication needs are met seamlessly, with minimal interruption.

Our on-site compounding facility provides us with the capacity to prepare individual sterile syringe doses on prescription from your doctor. We can also assist in accessing difficult to obtain medicines including Special Access Scheme (SAS) medicines that may require importation from overseas.

Our caring Pharmacists can work together with your healthcare team or help you to gain access to the right support networks to ensure you receive the highest level of care during this period.