Medications often play a significant role in managing our health and wellbeing. At the Wesley Pharmacy Group we care about your health and have created a range of medication management services designed to help you manage your medications.

From advice, reminders and script management, to one on one consultations, we are here to assist you on your health journey.

Medication Advice

Our experienced team of pharmacists are committed to ensuring you have all of the information and support you need to safely access all of your prescribed medications.

Our friendly team are always available to provide you with expert advice on dosage, usage, side effects and interactions between medications.

You may also be eligible for a FREE 30 minute Medscheck consultation with one of our pharmacists. The Medscheck process identifies any problems you may have with your medications, increasing awareness and highlighting potential interactions between medicines.

For more information on Medscheck, ​click here.

Prescriptions on File

By keeping your prescriptions safe with The Wesley Pharmacy, you never have to worry about losing your repeats. Our scripts on file system means you can have your repeats dispensed as soon as you need them, saving you valuable time.

Medication Management

With so many medications requiring different dosages and instructions, it can be easy to lose track of what needs to be taken and when.

The Wesley Pharmacy Group has teamed up with MedAdvisor, Australia’s largest mobile medication app, to help you keep track of you and your family’s medications and prescriptions.

MedAdvisor provides you with the ability to refill your prescriptions at our pharmacy with the tap of a button, and provides you with information about medications, reminders of when to take your medication, as well as the ability to manage medications for other family members.

With over 1 million users, MedAdvisor saves you time at the pharmacy and helps you to take your medication safely, effectively and on time.

Medication Packing

Managing your medications can be time consuming and complicated; it can be difficult to remember what to take and when.

Our Dose Administration Aid (DAA) system takes the stress out of managing your medications. These safe, simple and easy to use packs ensure that you take the right tablets at the right time.

Each tamper-proof package clearly identifies your name along with the names of your medications and the time/s at which they are to be taken. The convenient pop-out blister packs can be collated weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with a free delivery service in our local area. Using our Dose Administration system provides you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you are taking your medications correctly.

Return of Unwanted Medicines

Storing expired and unwanted medicines in your home can be dangerous for both your family and the environment. At The Wesley Pharmacy Group we offer a free and convenient way to dispose of your unwanted medicines.

Simply place all of your unwanted medicines in a bag or container and return the package to our pharmacy, where we will place it in a secure bin for collection and disposal.

We recommend you conduct a stocktake of your medications each spring, checking each label and expiry date to ensure your medications are still current.